A bot to help run a Dank Memer server.

ATTENTION: Due to unknown reasons, I lost all the code to Cinnamon. Cinnamon will not have all its commands for the next few weeks as I attempt to make it work. Thank you to everyone who has supported my development of this bot.

Cinnamon is a multipurpose bot that can do a host of things including giveaways and Dank Memer heist events.
Cinnamon is a bot made with Dank Memer in mind, but can be used to help run any kind of server.
Cinnamon streamlines giveaways, and makes hosting heist events in your server a breeze.

Features (not commands):

Cinnamon has many useful features, including (but not limited to):

Use c!help for a list of commands.

Premium and Vote rewards coming back soon!

Premium perks

Cinnamon has awesome premium perks for the people who want to support Cinnamon the most.

Do c!premium perks to learn more about premium.
Want premium? First join our support server so Cinnamon can grant your perks, then donate at our Patreon page. It's as easy as that.

Voting for Cinnamon on,, and will give you Cinnamon Premium tier 1 for until you can vote again!

Thanks for considering Cinnamon!